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Clean Your Bathroom – Live on Amazon!

*taps microphone* Hello? Is this thing on?


Okay, I’m just going to pretend like people are listening and go ahead.

My first nonfiction book, really a short guide, is called Clean Your Bathroom: A Quick and Dirty Guide. It’s been live on Amazon for about two weeks now. It will be up shortly on Barnes & Noble (still pending) and Smashwords within the next two weeks, barring disaster.

I’m part of a small group of several authors who formed an author collective with friends and fellow college graduates called Harvest Moon Publishing. Ours websites are still works in progress, and as you can see by the staggered release of my ebook, our first publication, we’re still working the kinks out.

Under this pen name, my books will mix humor with organizational wisdom. Staying organized and keeping your house clean should be simple, fast, and fun, whether you’re a clean freak, a hoarder, an artist or a homemaker. Our current nonfiction Imprint is called Best Foot Forward Books. Aptly named, no? 😀

My next guide should be out before mid-March. Stay tuned!


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