Marian Levett, Nonfiction Author

Making success look smarter.

Clean Your Bathroom: A Quick and Dirty Guide

 A Harvard Dorm Crew Alumna Reveals Her Secrets to a Pristine Bathroom

There are some basic life skills that should be required in order to graduate into Adult Human Being. Barring the slim chance you were born into royalty, you should know how to prevent your own bathroom from turning into a hazardous waste dump. Unfortunately, most of us have to learn how to clean the usual way – in an encounter with the Roommate/Lover/Spouse from Hell.

Don’t despair! Now you can learn the techniques of the best porter program in the country! Author Marian Levett takes the reader on a fast, irreverent, and hilarious tour of the one room in the house everyone fears to clean. Inside you’ll find:

• The reason you should never leave your toothbrush in the open air
• Why the Bow-Tie Mopping Method saves you hassle and preserves your sanity
• Time-saving organization of your cleaning gear
• Several different new names for your toilet

Cut down on your bathroom cleaning time and stop being embarrassed to invite friends over. Whether you’re a novice college undergrad, a cleaning diva, or a spouse with a guilty conscience, this is the cleaning guide for you!

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